Watch out for crooks seeking to mine your private data

Thursday November 18 2021
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Corporates continue to face cyber threats that hold the potential to disrupt business operations and service to customers.

Personal information is also at risk. The government passed the law in 2017 establishing the National Cyber Security Authority (NCSA) to co-ordinate national cybersecurity functions.

Many Rwandans face cyber threats and remain at risk as majority of those threats can go undetected, or are detected too late for an organisation to avoid exposure and the associated risk.

Many browse without caution, yet cyber security experts say it is important to steer clear of untrustworthy sites with content used for baiting clicks and information from users.

It is easy to be lured into visiting dangerous sites due to tempting content, but it is critical to resist the urge to click carelessly and expose personal data or infect your devices with malware.

To address the threats, preparation is paramount, but many organisations have struggled to know how to take essential steps to prepare their operations for the evolving cybersecurity landscape.


When it comes to addressing cybersecurity, the ramifications extend to the entirety of the organization from the smallest processes to the organisation's overall ability to function effectively.

An attack that results in the leak of proprietary data can destroy your competitive edge. An attack that steals private data can result in lost of public trust and lost revenue.

An attack that paralyses even seemingly innocuous information systems can destroy the ability to operate and communicate effectively.

And these days, organisations can get attacked on more fonts than ever before. Each application of cloudbased technology or mobile technology presents a new opening through which attackers may seek to gain access to your organisation's valuable information.

Tools for social media also present windows through which hackers may attempt to gain insights into your organization and the type of information and systems you possess insights they can leverage to launch an attack.

Cybersecurity involves understanding that you are in an arms race with hackers. It involves understanding business needs, business processes, and the players involved in your business operations. It involves understanding where your greatest assets and your biggest risks are so you can focus and manage your investments to address relevant cyber threats.

Fending off an attack begins with knowing what you need to protect, not just what you want to protect. More importantly, NCSA needs to step up efforts to raise awareness about how to stay safe online, as well as ensure that both private and public institutions that handle sensitive personal data have the competent IT staff and systems to protect the organisation from attacks.