Watchdog tells traders to comply with regulations on second-hand electronic devices

Monday August 01 2022

Electronic waste. There is an increasing number of devices that use radioactive materials that are not known on how they get disposed of, these include mobile telephones, laptops, scanners and others. PHOTO | FILE


Traders in used electrical and electronic equipment have been called upon to comply with the recently released regulations.

The regulations establish a framework for trade of used electrical and electronic equipment, including licensing. RICA director general Beatrice Uwumukiza said lack of regulations governing second-hand electrical and electronic equipment had created avenue for irregularities including illegal trade and sale of stolen items.

"We now have clear regulations defining what you need to do as a trader or buyer of used electrical and electronic equipment, licensing and record keeping to prevent related lawlessness. We are everywhere across the country to enforce these regulations because we work with other public institutions like Rwanda National Police and RIB," Ms Uwumukiza said.

The regulations govern, among others, consumer electronics, office, IT and telecommunication equipment, refrigerator equipment, large and small household appliances, lighting fixtures and lamps, sports and leisure appliances, and toys.

Also included in the list are telephones, electric cables, computers, television sets, music instruments (guitar, piano, keyboard, sound speakers), cameras as well as TV and satellite receivers.

Under the regulations, for one to trade in used electrical and electronic equipment, you apply for a license issued by RICA, which is valid for two year, but with room for renewal.


A business operator is required to ensure that used electrical and electronic equipment he or she intends to buy meets the safety requirements. The records kept for at least two years, should indicate the category, brand and model name, model number, serial number, information relating to

International Mobile Equipment Identity and International Mobile Equipment Identity Software Version (per slot where applicable; any other distinguished marks or features, where applicable and equipment status description.

Before buying second-hand electronics, the business operator must first verify that the seller is the rightful owner of the equipment and record detailed particulars.