UK-Rwanda deal: Gvt moves to secure top hotels where asylum seekers will stay

Tuesday December 27 2022
Immigrants hotel

One of the hotels that have been identified to host the immigrants in the Rwanda-UK deal. Picture: Cyril Ndegeya

By A correspondent

A court in the United Kingdom on Monday validated the controversial deal with Rwanda to have migrants resettled in Kigali, giving respite to officials of both countries who had defended the pact.

The High Court in London said the deal does not violate the refugee convention or human rights laws. While the ruling is expected to be appealed by activist, for now the government will proceed to prepare for the arrival for the asylum seekers.

The government will consider them for permission to stay or return to their country of origin. They will not be eligible to return to the UK.

So far, the government has made public five hotels in Kigali that have the capacity to accommodate 350 people.

Three of them are Hope Hostel, locally known as the "One Dollar Campaign" complex, Desire Resort Hotel, and Hallmark Residences.

The actual number of the migrants to be relocated has not been announced yet, asylum seekers who arrived in the UK by boat on May 9, 2022, will be given priority for relocation.


Some of the hotels are equipped with the basic facilities such as kitchens, gym equipment, swimming pools, TV sets, utensils, and single or double beds, while others have shared dining rooms and bathrooms.

The known hotels are all located in Kigali. Hallmark Residences has 30 houses that can accommodate 3-4 people each. A house comes with a kitchen, house basic appliances, gym, and swimming pool services. The cost varies between $150 and $200 per night.

Desire Resort Hotel, a 3-star hotel in the Gasabo district has some construction works still going on as part of preparations. They also do not have details of when or how many asylum seekers they will receive.

Three out of five hotels that have been designated were made public.