Consumers Spent Nearly $111 Billion Globally On Mobile Apps In 2020

Tuesday January 19 2021
By The Citizen Reporter

Studies conducted into consumer expenditure on mobile apps revealed that consumers splashed almost 111 billion USD on mobile apps. Compared to what they spent in 2019, the studies revealed that global consumer expenditure went up in 2020. This shows that more people are using apps like the Betway mobile app to carry out their activities. The mobile app users mainly spent on subscriptions, in-app purchases, and premium apps.

Apple Store Was Superior

According to research findings, Apple’s App Store got the lion’s share of the industry’s revenue. The estimation is that consumers spent 72.3 billion USD on Apple Store, representing over 30% YoY. Google Play Store’s revenue also grew by approximately the same margin after their consumers spent 38.6 billion USD on their products.

The study also shows that consumers spent more on the Apple Store than on Google Play Store. The findings indicate that consumers spent around 87% more on Apple Store than on Google Play Store.

How Did Different Categories Perform?

n terms of categories, gaming apps like Betway attracted more spending than other categories. Studies in this area revealed that consumers spent 79.5 billion USD in 2020 in the two app stores globally.


Besides games, entertainment apps generated more revenue in the App Store. They recorded around 5.3 billion USD, which was 29.3% YOY. On Google Play Store, the social category generated more income in 2020. Reports suggest that they received 1.2 billion USD from this category, which was a 71.4% YoY.

TikTok and Douyin on iOS China were the biggest non-gaming app earner globally in 2020. The research findings indicate that it generated around 1.2 billion USD in revenue in 2020. On the Google Play Store, Google One’s revenues are reported to be 444 million USD, which was 41.9% more than the previous year.

What about Installations?

First-time installs of mobile games hit the 56 billion mark in 2020 on all the stores. This was almost 33% more than those recorded in 2019. This spike saw five mobile games earn over 1 billion USD in 2020. Even as people sought sources of entertainment from apps, games were the preferred category.

The reports from studies suggest that consumers downloaded games over 10 billion times globally on the App Store. This explains why the gaming category generated more revenue.

The highest non-game installs on the App Store were Zoom, which recorded up to 212.5 million new installs. On Google Play Store, WhatsApp recorded the most increased new installs with more than 598 million new installs. 

Final Thoughts

The mobile market experienced extraordinary growth in 2020. This growth could be attributed to the global pandemic that might have permanently shifted consumer behavior. Time will tell whether this upward trend will continue. However, based on history, the future of human life is mobile. Therefore, all industry players, including online gaming operators like Betway, must take these trends seriously. In the future, if you cannot meet your client on their mobile devices, your business will not compete with other top brands.