Voices of majority of musicians who developed their music career to fame have fizzled out

Friday February 05 2021

Gospel musicians The Sisters haven't surfaced for years now. PHOTO | ANDREW I. KAZIBWE


With music having stirred up art and entertainment scene across the world, musicians teaming up in groups has been the norm to make their stars shine brighter.

Rwanda Today recounts prominent music groups that once ruled the music waves, but have since vanished or backslid.

The Brothers

Songs like Byabihe, Cecilia and Yambi are some of the few that dominated the radio playlists 11 years ago. The group made up of Victor, Ziggy 55, and Danny Vumbi quite rocked events before its split in 2014, for solo careers.

Two 4 Real

Its entry eight years ago quite struck a wave. Comprising of Deejay Pius and Aidan T-Kay, the group was first prominent through its single Imitobe, then later recording songs with various local artists like Ama G The Black, Bruce Melodie, Arthur Nkusi, Ziggy 55, onto of continental acts like Ray Signature from Uganda, Zambia’s Amarula and Genera Ozzy. Four years ago the duo parted ways and has since then been active on solo projects.


KGB (Kigali Boyz)

Having made its entry in 2004, with a trio made up of Skizzy, Hirwa alias H-Wow and MYP, through songs like Arasharamye and Uko Tubigenza, and gained fame between 2009 to 2011. However, it was crippled by H-Wow’s sudden death in 2012. This followed a pause in operations where other members like MYP went to the US to pursue further studies, while Skizzy too followed suit alongside balancing it with his media profession.


Initiated by Paccy, Nichola, and Tracy, this turned into a duo following Nichola’s leaving of the country for further studies. TNP gained fame in 2010 when it released Imisozi n’ibibaya. This was followed by Kamere, Kamucerenge, Ndamburira Ibiganza featuring Knowless Butera and more with Bulldog, Bruce Melodie, and Nason. In 2015, they participated in the Primus Guma Guma Super Star Music competition (PGGSS) and emerged the 10th. Shortly, they parted way, where only Paccy has been heard from occasionally through songs released.

Dream Boys

The popular Afrobeat and Pop duo which comprised of Platini and TMC had since 2008, risen to fame through music projects like Magorwa, Urare Aharana and Bucece, which earned it recognition and nominations through events like the Salax Music Awards and Pearl of Africa Music Awards.

Last year, TMC set off to Missouri, US on a quest of pursuing further studies, which raised concerns as to whether the group had split.

Platini’s move into recording and releasing of single music projects, and later taking over the group’s YouTube Channel confirmed the fears of the split.

Yemba Voice

Made up of Kenny Sol, Mozzy, and Bill, the group, was a true representation of craft bred from Rwanda. The trio was pursuing music studies at the Nyundo Music School rose to fame through; Turakundana and African Woman songs.