My journey to conquer music stage

Sunday April 03 2022
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Afro-Soul and R&B musician Andersonne.


To followers of local music, Abolatha Uwineza alias Andersonne is a household name. Her deeply contemplated verses, steadily won the hearts of her audience.

With her music career having kicked off in 2013, it was not until last year that she released Sins, one of her singles that struck many. “I wanted to understand how artists who share the same genre are making it through. Why music is not going far, and why there is this pending discussion on payment of artists,” she said.

It was in 2018 that she released her first single titled closer, which barely struck many. But amid the thoughts of whether she was ready for the tough journey ahead of her, she was cautious of not only how to make it through as an outstanding artist, but also earning from her talent.

“At that time, I met many artists, who I learnt from on how to approach this career,” she noted.

Sins is a three-minute and 22 seconds song produced by Dizzo Last of Ratio Music, which introduces a so mellow AfroR&B sensation, embedded with deep philosophical verses of life, especially on. Though she incorporates love, passion, and romance into most of the songs that followed, as one of her initial entries,

Sins took a different lane, depicting her as a confident and more cautious artist as far as standing up for humanity is concerned. Unlike what female artists have created before, the song is advocating against rape, a painful evil vice that has befallen the girl-child to women, yet culprits hardly face justice.

Away from the contemplative sail, the song’s video, which brings together two
creative minds in composure Féline Ntabagana as its executive director and Yannick Kamanzi into Choreography, is another stamp into taking her message home. With what may seem as simple images, the video presenting Andersonne’s abstract performance depicts a yeaning individual, craving for answers.


She made her solid stamp in 2021, amid Covid-19 pandemic lockdown when arts and creative industry was shut down. 

"The pandemic was the push I needed,” she states, “It showed me that all these problems may be in existence, but they shouldn’t stop me from pursuing my passion,” she added.

Describing herself as an Afro R&B musician, the Twenty-fi ve-year-old singer and Songwriter brings on a unique stance. Andersonne serves an Afro-R&B, Jazz to Soulful craft.

Her breakthrough has also been strongly approved through the physically powerful stage performances she holds, which not only encompass her sharp, melodious vocals, but also the stage engagement and entertaining antics.

One of her memorable stage performances was last year when she curtain-raised for Nigerian Afro-Pop and Afro-fusion artist Neka Igbuna, a concert which took place in Kigali under the organization of AfroGroov.

Though Andersonne has been advised and is interested in working more with big Artists, she holds more interest in rising acts, whose craft she finds more mind-blowing. Andersonne strongly makes use of the digital era, which positions her music across platforms like YouTube, Deezer, Spotify among others to push her brand, as well as earning from them. To her, it’s an opportunity for her free expression.

Lately, she holds Dizzy, her song with Sema Sole, which without doubt cements her ground for collaboration.