Modelling takes more than beauty and catwalk

Monday November 30 2020

Rachel Uwineza, the Rwandan fashion model and content creator. PHOTO | Courtesy


Neza is a Rwandan fashion model and content creator who has been modelling for five years now.

“I completed my degree in information science at Mt Kenya University and later on specialised in libraries and records management,” said Ms Uwineza.

Many of you know me as a top model but these titles no longer serve the identity of the woman and creative artist that I am, she added. I do part time translation for a living but my dream is to be a full-time fashion model.

“I always loved fashion and style and my physical features were a bonus,” she says. “My passion for nature and environment goes on ever since I represented Rwanda in Miss Africa, a beauty pageant that focuses on fighting climate change and global warming,” Ms Uwineza narrates.

She has been working with different NGO’s. She added that Rwanda has a lot to teach the rest of the world regarding protecting the environment from policies like banning plastic bags, UMUGANDA, car free day and many more programmes.

“I believe nature is the only gift that God gave us including animals that are important to protect for future generations,” says Ms Uwineza.


“I mean who doesn’t like to breathe fresh air and drink clean water,” she adds.

She says her parents are supportive in everything she does although they don’t know much about the fashion industry.

“it’s our responsibility to tell them about our passions and interests, after all if your family wants the best for you, they will be willing to stand by you,” Said Ms Uwineza.

“One has got to be confident, learn how to catwalk, be comfortable in front of the camera, and lastly, build his/her portfolio for one to be model because there are different types of demonstrations such as; high end fashion models, athletic models, lingerie models, plus size models, commercial models and many others,” Uwineza narrates.

“My best casting experience would be when I was chosen to represent my country in Xian China for Star fashion world 2018 with other beautiful women from all over the world," she added.