Major social events go virtual

Wednesday March 03 2021

A model designed by Cedric Mizero during the pastt Collective- Week of Fashion in Kigali. PHOTO | ANDREW I. KAZIBWE


With the future of the once vibrant Rwandan social events scene uncertain after physical settings and gatherings for an earning were temporarily abolished due to the Covid-19, Rwanda Today looks at major events that have been hard hit.

Fashion Events

Founded in 2015, Collective Rw-Week of Fashion has gradually cemented its reputation for bringing together local and international fashion designers to showcase their talent. Usually held in July, it is unlikely to return untill the virus is suffocated.

Created in a spirit of showcasing specifically cultural outfits from majorly African culture, the Rwanda Cultural Fashion Show is determined to hold its ninth edition between June 21 and 25, with organisers said to be considering a virtual setting.

Theatre, music and Comedy

Dedicated to humanity, and initiated in 2015, the Ubumuntu Arts Festival, which features local, regional and international artists has stood to the test of time. As other events took a break last year, the festival opted for a virtual mode.


Though having tasted the new space, it confirmed its return from July 16th to 18th this year.

The Kigali International Comedy Festival, an annual two-day festival, holding performances for both the Francophone and Anglophone usually held in November was stopped 2019.

Seka Fest, also an annual comedy festival usually scheduled in April, where it features local, regional and international stand-up comedians is still on a break.

However, organisers have since late last year emerged with Seka Live, a virtual show aired on KC2 Television and Youtube. KINA Festival, a biennial event presenting "Theatre for Children" targeting ages between 5 and 10 years, aimed towards the nurturing theatre culture among children since 2009, is supposed to be returning this year between October and November, but there seems to be no sign of preparations.

The East African Nights of Tolerance (EANT) was last held in 2019, as it marked its eighth anniversary, the contemporary dance festival, which is a sole platform for stage dance performances featuring local, regional and international is still on a break.

Organised by the Ministry of Youth and Culture, the Pan-African Dance Festival (FESPAD) is aimed at the celebrating African dance, from Rwanda, the region and beyond. Still debatable, the weeklong event, engaging various districts in Rwanda coincides with the Umuganura (Rwandan national food harvest), which celebrates and awards annual national efforts in various sectors’ performances, might go virtual.