Land of 1,000 hills has a lot to offer

Tuesday December 22 2020

Inyambo, a famous Rwandan cattle breed, at the King's Palace Museum in Nyanza. PHOTO | ANDREW KAZIBWE


Beyond the outburst of magnificent infrastructure, Rwanda’s unique sceneries are an ideal escape filled with lots of memories to carry home.

With charges at an all-time low, a trip to the museums unveils vast knowledge about Rwanda’s historical heritage.

Among these is the Ethnographic museum, in Huye district. It is a great source of the country’s cultural and historical heritage dating back from the pre-colonial era.

The King’s Palace Museum (Rukali) is home to the Rwandan King’s premises, of great olden architectural craft alongside customs activities like milking and ‘Ukuvugira Inka,’ a prominent ancient cattle ritual practiced for the Inyambo, a prominent and beloved cattle breed in the ancient Kingdom).

For nature’s study trip, the Environmental museum in Karongi district offers vast knowledge from Botanical gardens display to other conservation exhibitions.

In Musanze, are Iby’iwacu Cultural Village and Red Rocks Cultural Centre, which let one to tap into an innovative set up of unique culture and activities.


Appreciation of creative art world gets better, with a sail through visual art displays. Most art centres, galleries, and craft shops are now open, including, Inganzo Art Centre, Inema Art Centre, Ivuka Art Centre, Niyo Art Gallery, Kigali Art Centre, Envision Art Space, Indiba Art Space, Art-Ubuhanzi Gallery, Turikumwe Art Centre, Imagine Art Studio, the Rwanda Art Museum, Kigali Centre of Photography, and more.