Importance of soil excites artists

Thursday January 06 2022
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An exhibition on soil? This is rare on the art scene but innovations universe+ exhibition is a unique example of such wild reflection on nature and purpose that local artists bring to life.

This exercise curated by Jackson Manzi, Bruce Niyonkuru, Moses Izabiriza, and Mellibees, brought together 12 artists among them Khaled Cyuzuzo, Peter B, Sandra Nadege, Zed Kayimahe, Emmanuel Mutuyimana, Shingiro, Sylvie Bora, Neriwest and Mvfasta.

The artists explored soil, thereby visually portraying its core role, and beauty through craft transformation as a medium of Art.

The exhibition kicked off with Kuuru Art Space’s teaming up with Fabrice Nkurunziza, a production manager at B.Crop, in carrying out a research tour around some of districts of Rulindo, Musanze, Nyamata, and Mbyo, where they explored, collected soil samples as they learnt of their nature and crop varieties grown there.

Right from the centre's outside space where one is welcomed by an elevated nursery bed, made from recycled coffee cups, it holds crop varieties like pepper, spinach, tomatoes, watermelon and carrots.

These are set up with a small piped irrigation system that is manually controlled. This is a model irrigation system, aiding the life crop life, of various soil mediums.


Another section is of soil varieties; clay-loam from Eastern Province, sand from Eastern Province, and volcanic from Southern province. With belief that soil is a vital medium of life, through which nature is uniformly connected and fed to thrive, this exhibition uniquely seeks to pay tribute to it.

Kuuru Art Space’s interior holds another exhibition, taking one through the artists’ improvisation and innovation of using soil, which they incorporate with other organic materials like lime to emerge with great paintings emulating nature’s glory. Each of these is complimented by a short narration, the artist’s inspiration of how he perceives or embraces Soil as a living medium.

Among the installations that emulate nature is Sylvia Bora 3D creation dubbed Flowerbed from recycled raw materials such as plastics, wire, cardboards, and soil held together by glue to emerge with a cozy garden.

Another gigantic piece is of an erupting mountain. This is made from papers, cotton, wires, soil, wood, and cotton wool, which is illuminated by bulbs.

Besides the paintings that adorn the space’s interior walls, also is Peter B’s photograph collection, which depicts humanity’s bond with soils, and nature.

These are images of human portraits bonding with plants and soil. One-piece titled Alive is of displayed Masks- a reflection of vast situations on the 2020 to 2021 lock-downs and health precautions still being carried further to the present day.

This exhibition is reflective of how the world took a pause, amidst the tense pandemic times to evaluate various more essential needs, where nature and environment are one of these.