Fusing dance, fashion with photos breaks new ground

Friday March 19 2021
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One of the images captured by Mujyambere. PHOTO | ANDREW I. KAZIBWE


Creativity seems infinite as artist Abdoul Mujyambere’s puts his photography skills into paying tribute to the human body with an eye on fashion never too far.

His A&M Store, located at Nyamirambo, Kwa Mutwe in Kigali, clearly defines and sets him apart an outstanding muti-dimensional artist. In its quiet ambiance comprise of two sections; the clothing stock, exhibiting some of his latest outfits, paraded neatly on an open- display hanger stall. At the other end is his photography and fi lm section.

Exercising great skill in how he captures images, the collection dubbed Body Memories offers a glimpse into his journey and practice in creative photography, spanning over five years. Having worked with 70 models, the self-taught photographer brings out the fantasies surrounding human bodies.

The collection of 20 printed photographs, adorn the store’s walls, making great use of the cozy space, merging beauty and craft.

Inspired through his years as a contemporary dancer, where body movements are at the core, Mr Mujyambere sought to fuse this motion with a still craft. “I wanted to honour my community of performers by documenting their work,” he says.

Mr Mujyambere started this project in 2015 while pursuing a three-year dance course at Ecole des Sables in Senegal.


Images on display range from groups of male and female subjects, ranging from teenage to middle age, all posing reflectively.

He first exhibited his works in Ethiopia in 2018 and took part in a collective exhibition in Rwanda in 2019.

The current collection is work-in-progress and like moments, captured from a film scene, Mujyambere takes time from composing to designing models for the shoots and thence to telling stories through the stills.


Utilising natural light, he captures natural skin colour, body posture, and complexion, all complemented by nature’s surroundings of the sky, sun, vegetation, and perspective.

While working with light, Mr Mujyambere then presents two photographs of silhouettes, captured at sunset. It is clear he adores the interplay with light and the art of improvisation.

This is not a public exhibition yet, but Mujyambere’s initial display for a few clients who appreciate his art. Then only can he organise a bigger exhibition at designated public spaces in Kigali and hopes to gradually redefi ne this space with a new quarterly collection.

His professional journey started as a dancer with Inshoza Dance Company in 2010 while pursuing studies in Languages at the National University of Rwanda.

He performed abroad and slowly fused photography with fashion clothing, which he now documents through film.