Change makers are not shaken by a bad day

Monday February 01 2021
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By Business Daily Africa

I received a request to share some thoughts on dealing with what the reader termed a “bad” day. He would prefer not to take the victim’s position but rather show strength of character and leadership. No specifics of the “bad” day were given.

To begin with, there is no such thing as a “bad” day. Remember; nothing is good or bad. It is what we relate it to that makes it either. Also know that whatever it is you’re dealing with too shall come to pass.

That said, all our experiences grow us. They expand our understanding and catapult our progress to better versions of ourselves. The difficult situations that we go through deliver to us relentless streams of rich awareness that when properly leveraged, adequately equip us to surmount even greater challenges. “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger,” said Nietzche.

We all have days that leave us utterly frustrated and discouraged. As we go through life, we are wont to encounter moments that completely knock us off our usual footing thereby greatly diminishing our confidence.

My contention is that all of it is simply part of the leadership and ride through life that you and I are privileged to be on. It is part of being human and gunning for our peaks. When faced with a challenging day, many play the victim. They literally shrink into retreat, blaming their external conditions and other people. They honestly believe that they are powerless. I can understand how that can happen, but we must deeply understand that by excusing ourselves, however plausible our excuses may be, we give away our power.

We all possess equal intellectual capabilities we need to work through any kind of situation. No one received more than their fair share from The Maker, I assure you. It is these very capacities that we need to learn to invoke. We must ignite our mental and emotional strength to tap into all-present and all-new levels of abundant knowledge and wisdom.


We must develop the unshakable confidence that manifests through our experience. In difficulty, the blessings within are easy to miss, I know. However, these experiences turbulently deliver us to higher levels of personal leadership mastery. Sit back and enjoy the ride. Remember that no victim has ever changed the world. Create your own internal environment so strong that external circumstances virtually vanish. Stay focused on getting your giant goals achieved and keep your cool while at it. Professionals are at their best, no matter what.

A wonderful leadership move is maintaining perspective in crisis. Simply remembering that you’re healthy, your contribution makes a difference, you have people who love you is plenty. Gratitude keeps you connected to your source of supply and it sure is an antidote to frustration during those challenging times.

Remember that there is going to be a price to pay to leap higher. You are bound to experience confusion, disruption and resistance – it comes with the territory in any type of growth. If you maintainedstatus quo, everything would move swiftly. Swift and flawless moment is an indicator of zero growth happening. Problems on the other hand are indicators of progress in disguise. They are designed to show you that you are growing and brilliantly moving forward. Understanding that progress doesn’t necessarily present itself as progress is wisdom that you already possess. All you need to do is plug into it.

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