All set for Rwanda-Burundi night

Sunday February 20 2022
Rwanda Uganda concerts

The event that is hosted in Uganda brings together Rwandans, Burundians and Ugandans to socialize, Photo: Andrew. I Kazibwe


Trevellers are gearing up for an exhilarating Rwanda-Burundi night in Kampala after Uganda fully lifted strict Covid-19 rules and allow free movement of people across the borders. And Kampala is the place to be for the event that was started to promote peaceful  cohesion between Rwandans and Burundians living in Uganda.

Live events have already been given greenlights in Uganda after the country lived two-year ban on social gatherings, paving the way for the event, which attracts trevellers across the borders.

Restoring diplomatic relations between Rwanda and Uganda, giving hope to events organisers of potential artists from Rwanda to perform at the event.

“Plans are already in motion, and as soon as borders are fully opened, with people freely travelling, we are ready to stage an edition,” said Pius Rukabuza, one of the event’s founders.

According to organisers, the upcoming edition is hoped to be headlined by Rwandan Afro-R&B star Bruce Melodie, Uganda’s Eddy Kenzo among other surprise Rwandan and Uganda artists to entertain the Rwandan and Burundian communities in Kampala.

Alongside the highly anticipated event, organisers are in doubt of the availability of Burundian artists. Although Afro-Beat act Big Fizzo had steered up the space for the Burundian stage performance in 2016 when he graced it, organisers seem uncertain of their accessibility.


Doplomatic tiff between Rwananda-Uganda let to closure of the borders, making it difficult for travel of artists between the two countries for three years.

Initiated in 2015, by Rwanda’s Pius Rukabuza and Uganda’s Gareth Onyango, having started out as a small themed evening for Rwandans to meet at Club Rouge in Kampala, the night’s demand grew as it not only attracted Rwandans, but also Burundians.

Revellers were entertained to live music by mainly Rwandan and Burundian musicians, this event stood out for its social spirit that was further mulled up by even bigger Ugandan acts in the entertainment scene.

The event has previously been graced by Rwandan acts, among them Masamba Intore, Jody, Judith Heard, Arthur Nkusi, Urban Boys, Charly and Nina, Burundi’s Big Fizzo who have performed alongside Uganda’s Joze Chamelone, Atlas the African,  Keko, Aziz Azion, Irene Ntale, Alex Muhangi, Radio and Weasel, Nigeria’s Onyido Nkemjika better known as Ketch Up.

Shortly before the security tensions between the two countries had taken a sour path, the night had gathered traction, from initially filling of a mere club venue, to larger spaces like Atmosphere Lounge, and Cayenne in Kampala, hence gradually eating through East Africa events scene, as one of the fastest social