‘Cesar’ debunks disability myth

Thursday September 15 2022

A scene from the lm of Rwagasana at work. Picture: Andrew. I Kazibwe


Gone are the days the role of Persons with Disabilities in society was barely acknowledged. The film titled, Cesar, documents such purpose and role of Persons with Disabilities today being extended beyond recognition to up lifting those with similar needs.

Directed by Fisca Jean Paul Habimana, the 2022 film starring Cesar Rwagasana and Sousan Musanabandi (Mom Chantal), the 5 minutes 27-second French film with subtitles in English, opens with a scene introducing Cesar Rwagasana, a middle-aged gentleman who identifies himself as an Orthopedic Technician.

Liberation war

He is physically challenged with a handicap courtesy of the Rwandan liberation war when he lost one of his legs. Wearing a prosthetic leg, he recounts his journey to becoming an Orthopedic Technician inspired years ago at One Love Mulindi, Japan, when he met and worked with Gatera, a gentleman who manufactured prosthetics.

Mr Rwagasana went on to set up his own workshop after learning all there is as regards making prosthetic limbs and takes the viewer through his inspiration and journey to becoming an established Orthopedic Technician, as scenes switch back and forth documenting a typical day in his progress.

In one captivating scene, we see Mr Rwagasana visit an elderly lady, and after they converse at length, he takes measurements from her lost limb and therafter, shooting takes viewers back to his workshop to witness the process of prosthetic limb-making.