Museveni unfollows Chameleon on twitter after he joins politics

Thursday June 6 2019


President Yoweri Museveni has unfollowed popular musician, Jose Chameleone,. PHOTO | SEARCH 

By The Citizen


Uganda’s President Yoweri Museveni has unfollowed popular musician, Jose Chameleone, on twitter days after the artistes publicly announced that he had joined the Democratic Party which will further his ambition to become the Mayor of Kampala in 2021.
Mr Museveni had been following 24 people. Chameleon and Bebe Cool were the only Uganda artists that the long serving president was following.
Chameleone was part of the ‘Tubonga Nawe’ song project that Mr Museveni used during his 2016 presidential campaigns where he was the was one of the headline artistes.
It is not clear whether the decision had the direct input of the president or whether it was taken by his social media handlers.
Chameleone stunned DP leaders during the DP/UYD Busoga reunion at Kakindu Stadium in Jinja when he announced that DP is his new political home.
While at the reunion, she singer told the crowds not to associate him with anything that involves the National Resistance Movement (NRM).
Some big wigs were quick to advise the singer on the decision and one of them was Captain Mike Mukula  who hit his social media platform to warn the self-titled doctor to go slow on politics for it might mess his music career and financial base.
“My advice to my good friend Chameleone is go slow on politics, it will erode your financial base and could ruin your entertainment …don’t say I didn’t advise you, take or leave it, experience has taught me” Mukula tweeted.
However, Chameleone acted not shaken, as he assured Capt Mukula that he is ready to take on whatever comes his way, but not ready to give up on politics.
“Thank you my great friend, ‘Great men pave way for greater men’ now that they didn’t, we shall pave our own way and for greater men after us,” Chameleone responded.