Dedication, network with right people hold key to success

Friday October 16 2020

Mary Gasana, Managing Director of JEM Logistics Ltd. PHOTO | Elizabeth Mutesi


With nearly 24 years of experience in logistics sector, Mary Gasana, a resident of Kicukiro District, talks about her suceess in logistics business. Writes Elizabeth Mutesi


How did you get into logistics sector?

While working as a shop attendant, I managed to interact with many business oriented people.

In 2001, I joined the cargo and product handling department at Kigali International Airport, which started off my journey to learning more about the cargo freight forwarding process. Hence starting up my own company.

What advice do you have for women considering a career in logistics?


Logistics sector is a very exciting and competitive. To be effective in this business, you need to be a great negotiator, an active communicator, a risk taker, and most especially proactive person.

If you have an adventurous spirit, and want to be a leader, logistics sector is the place to be. One should take advantage of every opportunity and be ready to work hard.

I urge women in the Logistics business to always ensure they verify cargo to avoid any risks of paying for missing items. What do you think has led to your success in your business?

Determination and surrounding myself with supportive people. I believe when you want something, you make a choice. I pushed forward, asked questions whenever I didn’t fully understand something about business and personal growth.

And I openly shared these same ideas with my teammates, and encourage everyone lucky enough to work in this space to do the same.

What are your achievements in this career?

I have been able to expand my business from a small business to having offices at Magerwa, Kigali International Airport, and around East African border posts across the country.

What challenges do you see the industry facing?

The industry is seeing a fast pace of change. There is the pace of change tied to technology that we see of new systems.

And also one needs to have a lot of money for clients to trust you with their cargo.

What are your future goals?

To open up branches within the East African countries.