MPs urge govt to plug funding gaps in key ministries

Wednesday June 17 2020


MPs have called on the government to reduce financing gap in key sectors. Photo | Cyril Ndegeya  

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Members of Parliament have called on the government to consider reducing financing gap in critical sectors in the coming financial year.

According to the MPs, under the 2020/21 Budget Framework paper and Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF), there are 61 crucial programmes and projects cut across health, agriculture and education sectors that have been underfunded or not allocated funds at all.

Members of Parliamentary Standing Committee on National Budget and Patrimony that scrutinized the budget said allocations for the projects and programmes that are to be considered through the revision include the rehabilitation of the health centres, construction and repairing water pipes, drainages and bridges destroyed by disasters, immunization and school feeding programmes.

“Construction of the water drainages, the extension of National Industrial Parks and National Strategic Grain Reserve Project and mending the damaged infrastructures by the flooding that swept throughout the country recently are among the key projects that the government set to put on hold,” said Omar Munyaneza, chairperson of the committee.

“While there are currently over 310 water pipes and drainages that are needed to be repaired but only 50 water pipes and drainage are to be repaired as the rest have been put on hold and we have had some of the government entities that indicated that their budgets will not even be able to cover the salaries of their employees,” added Mr Munyaneza.

According to MPs’ review, the outlined key projects and government entities’ operational budget gap have cumulatively reached up to Rwf216.5 billion, equating to six per cent of the total budget.