Account for our funds, motorcyclists tell saccos

Tuesday July 21 2020


Motorcyclists have raised concerns over lack of financial support from their saccos. PHOTO | Cyril Ndegeya  

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A section of motorcyclists are demanding accountability from their cooperative societies, saying they are hardly informed how Rwf5,000 they remit per month is spent.

According to the motorcyclists who spoke to Rwanda Today, sacco authorities are mute on how contributions is spent and likely returns.

The more than 45,000 motorcyclists registered under Rwanda Utility Regulations Authority (Rura) as a requirement to get licence contribute over Rwf2.7 billion every year.

However, motorcyclists said that they never get the return on their contributions, which collected through their respective cooperatives.

“Since I joined the sacco four years ago, I have been regularly paying Rwf5,000 every month but not only didn’t I get anything as a return but I have not seen its financial report,” said Gaspard Hakizimana, a member of COTRAMO Icyizere in Kigali City.

“Paying your contribution or not doesn’t make any difference because we don’t get any benefit from it,” he added.


According to the motorcyclists who talked to Rwanda Today, any support from the Sacco during the Covid-19 period will give hope to them and see the relevance of the organisation.

“Surviving the total lockdown was a nightmare for many of us because I have been living on little savings,” said Nicolas Karambizi, a city motorcyclist.

“Out of Rwf5, 000 we pay monthly, it would be ideal to have Rwf2, 000 returning to us after sometimes especially during hard times like the current ones, while at least the remaining part Rwf3,000 goes into cooperative,” he added.

As the number of motorcyclists keep increasing they are ordered to be grouped into cooperatives to qualify for licences.

However, Rwanda’s Motorcyclists Federation indicates that the contribution of cooperatives’ members foot the operation cost of their cooperatives among others.

“Most of the motorcyclists' contributions foot the operation cost including renting the offices, buying the offices’ equipment, paying salaries of the administrators and their security organ among others,” said Daniel Ngarambe, the president of the motorcyclist Federation

“Motorcyclists don’t have to think of the benefits of being in cooperatives and paying contributions in the lens of getting the return of their hand-outs in monetary terms, because with all the activities we have cover we left with no money left to have the members sharing,” he added.