Rwandan designers stitch 'zero-waste' unisex outfit

Tuesday July 28 2020

Rwandan models dressed in the newly launched zero waste shirt. PHOTO | COURTESY


With the lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus having deeply affected the creative sector, not much has been going on in the fashion industry.

Now two Rwandan fashion designers Cedric Mizero of Amizero fashion brand and Moses Turahirwa of Moshions fashion house have teamed up and launched a new outfit.


The designers recently unveiled what they describe as a "zero waste, edgy, and limited-edition shirt jacket".

The long-sleeved shirt comes in various sizes for both men and women. The shirt is made with leftover pieces from other outfits.

“We work from different angles, leading to collaboration,” Turahirwa said.


The lightweight shirt, which is now available at the Moshions fashion store in Kiyovu, Kigali, has an artistic style, with coloured embroidery woven patches on the top, and an inner smooth lining. The outfit costs Rfw180,000 ($189), and has made an entry at a time when the fashion market is facing the effects of the Covid-19 lockdown.

The collaboration, which has been in the pipeline since June last year, brings together designers who are concerned about waste, recycling and sustainability.


Turahirwa mostly makes cardigans that leave several pieces of material out in the final design. He makes the neat zig-zag-stripes of Imigongo (a Rwandan traditional design). Then Mizero does the embroidery.

“We thought of introducing something fashionable, as well as sustainable,” Turahirwa says.

Established in 2015, Moshions is one of Rwanda’s leading fashion houses, presenting elegance in culturally inspired outfits inspired by Umwitero, a traditional Rwandan design.

Mizero took part in London's International Fashion Showcase last year, and takes his fashion all over the country.

Mizero has also graced shows like the Kigali Fashion Week and the Collective Rw-Week of Fashion.

Inspired by nature, his outfits stir up a debate for their style.