Artistes to watch on stage in 2020

Sunday January 5 2020


Jean Paul Hagerimana — Bushali the Trigger — is focused on promoting Kinyatrap.  

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The local arts sector has in the recent years witnessed sprouting of artistes.

From 2007, a new generation of artists have risen. They seemed to have taken over the entertainment scene by a storm, elbowing out legends who have ruled the industry for decades.

From musicians, music producers, dancers, poets among others, Rwanda Today gives an insight into artistes to watch in 2020.

The music industry was dominated by Tuff Gangs, Knowless, Kamichi, Diplomate, Elion Vctory, Knowless Butera, Young Grace, Urban Boys, Christopher and Dream Boys

Clarisse Karasira

Breaking into the stage in 2018, Karasira has since shaken up the scene. In a mostly male-dominated music scene, through songs like Ntizagushuke, Twapfaga iki, Imitamenwa and Nsanga, her unique voice and poetic lyrics have seen her star shine.


Francois Nsengiyumva

Last year also produced Francoise Nsengiyumva, commonly known by stage name as Igisupusupu.

The musician stands out by his new sound, which is derived from the fusion of Umuduli — a one string instrument — and modern beats, has captured the souls of many.

Songs like Mariya Jeanne, Uzaze Urebe U Rwanda and Umutesi a have seen Nsengiyumva secure more stage performances, yet he continues more, he promises more this year.

Green Ferry Entertainment

Rising through a highly competitive market, the Green Ferry management label had in recent years advocated for the return of Afrohip- hop, but in a different form.
The firm made a breakthrough in 2019 through Kinyatrap, a gradually growing genre by Green Ferry artists.

This genre has unveiled more artistes like Bushari the Trigger, Slim Drip, Maktain, Ice Nova, White Monkey, Prime Mazimpaka, who have not only attracted huge audiences, but also events.

With their Kinyarwanda and Trap craft, the artistes have created a unique space for themseves in the entertainment industry.
Other musicians s to watch closely are Afro-soul musician Michael Kayihura, Afro R&B Kevin Skaa, Ange Kagaju, Njonge, Igor Mabano and Nel Ngabo and M France Gusenga.

Dany Beats

Having made a breakthrough, the young music producer really made a resounding statement through his works.

His 2019 song projects for Kevin Skaa, Amalon, Sintex, Angel Mutoni, Kivumbi King and Sintex established musicians, on top of the experience garnered on a few projects in partnership with Made Beats, another experienced producer, he holds more up his sleeves in 2020.

Bruce Melodie

As most of his generation struggles to hang onto the stages, while many have gradually faded off, Afro R&B musician has upped his craft.

The 2017 Coke Studio Africa Rwanda representative has been a spice throughout 2019 for his melodious verses, hence weaving several local collaborations, which have topped the music charts. With this, he holds more aspirations in furthering his music beyond the borders through more international collaborative projects.
Kivumbi King
A deeply rooted poet, who bewilders many for his performance, the 20 year old further hit recording studios, where his works have lately earned him praises.

His hip hop, afro beats and slam poetry, through songs Madam, Fever, Pull Up, Nya Nya among others, have marketed him as another unique act raising the Rwandan flag.