UR south campus hit by shortage of hostel rooms

Thursday November 29 2018


A scarcity of hostel rooms at the University of Rwanda south campus has seen students living in less than ideal conditions. PHOTO | CYRIL NDEGEYA 

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A rise in demand for accommodation in the south following the University of Rwanda’s decision to relocate the school of economics, law, creative design, journalism and communication to the region has created a scarcity of rooms in campus hostels.

Many public and private institutions have established campuses in the city, to respond to the growing need for post-secondary education and also take their services closer to the people.

The increase in student numbers, which is attributed to the directive that private universities implement double intakes, has created a conducive market for house owners in the city.

This is because the region still lacks student services such as hostels, off-campus housing, shuttle services, security and water supply.

This has seen many students living in less-than-ideal conditions, with some accommodated in people’s living rooms, servant’s quarters or far from the city, forcing them to travel long distances to the campus. Some of these places lack security, adequate water supply and electricity.

Huye Universities’ Operations Manager, Ally Cassian Muhire, said the campus has around 13,000 students and only 3,944 rooms.

“Most of these expansions are done at the expense of knowledge and standards, but if students live in bad conditions, it makes all efforts useless,” he says.

When Rwanda Today asked Mr Muhire about what the university plans in order to provide enough rooms for students, he refused to answer saying that the university’s strategies are not part of his tasks.

He said the government should find ways to regulate residential prices in areas where students live as a solution.