School given one week to fumigate dormitories

Monday August 27 2018


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The head teacher of Groupe scolaire Saint Andre has been given a one-week ultimatum to fumigate the dormitories or face punitive action.

The school is among the 57 schools that have been suspended for a number of issues, including sanitation, management problems, lack of sufficient facilities to accommodate students and shortage of food storage facilities.

Rwanda Today visited the school in Nyamirambo after suspension last week, but was denied access by the school head teacher.

“Listen to me very well you Journalist, right know I am busy with other things and I have no time for media,” said Noel Nsengimana, the head teacher.

Rwanda Today learnt that the main reason the school was closed down for a week was that it failed to fumigate dormitories, giving bedbugs room to breed.

Benjamin Kageruka, Head of Education Quality Assurance Department at the Ministry of Education said the school’s head teacher has not shown commitments to address the raised concerns that led to temporary closer last week.

“We have warned them several times and it seems they are yet to comply with our instructions, although we cannot close the school indefinitely, not to compromise with students’ final term of studies, the head teacher and some other people risk dismissals if they do not attend to the raised concerns in a due course,” he said.

Mr Kageruka further explained that a team of inspectors will visit the school on Thursday for a final inspection after which a decision on whether to allow students to resume class or not will be made.