MPs asked to give best performing sectors more money

Thursday March 7 2019


Auditor-General Obadia Biraro. PHOTO | FILE 

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The auditor-General has tasked legislators in the budget committee to give the best performing ministries more money and pay attention to those that are well funded but are not performing well with stalled projects.

Obadiah Biraro, the Auditor-General met with members of the budget committee to provide updates on the current budget execution and to point out which sectors need more attention ahead of his report for the previous fiscal year.

The committee also wanted to find out about the challenges in implementing the current budget before they carry out an assessment of the actual implementation.

Their findings will be compiled and forwarded to the government as recommendations. Mr Biraro pointed out issues he identified in his previous reports especially government enterprises, which are heavily funded, but their progress is wanting and they could be avenues for corruption.

“I am appealing to you legislators to pay attention to some of these institutions mentioned in the report, especially those with delayed or abandoned projects and those with idle assets.

Probe further about why some of them are taking more than three years on projects or those that have been abandoned yet their feasibility studies were approved by the government,” said Mr Biraro.

“It is good to work on a reward basis to in- crease efficiency and effectiveness,” he added.

According to the Auditor General’s report, quite a number of government enterprises and local government offices have perpetually failed to complete projects, which have plunged the government into more financial losses.

They include the Rwanda Social Security Board, Rwanda Energy Group and its subsidiaries and the Workforce Development Authority, which has not been able to complete any of the projects it started years ago.