Show celebrates cultural heritage

Sunday February 24 2019


A photopgraph of the Richard Kandt Residence in 1910/1911. PHOTO: Museum archive  

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The recently launched exhibition taking place in Rwanda and titled A World of Cultures /Kulturwelten seeks to showcase the hidden world of historical heritage from different countries.

Adorning the entire Kandt museum ground floor is a visual display for the various cultural sites in Pakistan, Lebanon, Kuba, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Myanmar, Paraguay, Iran, Sudan, Argentina and Rwanda.

The first show took place on February 8 and will run until February 18, at Kigali’s Kandt Museum. It features amazing cultural sites from over 15 countries.

Rwanda’s Kandt House Museum is named after Richard Kandt, who was one of the first Germans to arrive in the country. It was the first modern structure to be constructed. The building houses great historical pieces that show the evolution of Kigali.

According to ambassador Robert Masozera, the Director-General of Institute of National Museums of Rwanda said the building was turned into a museum in 2003 with help of the government, in partnership with Germany and Jumelage.

The second phase of the exhibition will be launched at the Ethnographic Museum in Huye District in the Southern Province.