Niyondagije tries action movies

Tuesday October 22 2019


Patrick Niyondagije , the film Director of  Hunt down 2070 , PHOTO |  Andrew.I Kazibwe 

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Patrick niyondagije is breaking new ground in Rwandan film-making with an action packed film that made its debut at the 2019 Urusaro International Women Film Festival.

Titled Huntdown 2070, the five minute short movie is set in 2070, when technology is inseparable from the day to day activities, of man.

In the movie, a young man sets off to rescue his sister, who has been captured by a malicious gang.

His rescue mission descends into a gun-fight but the audience is left in suspense for the movie doesn’t reveal how the shooting ends.

Though it was a low budget film at Rwf15,000, video editing and directing were all done by Niyondagije.

Niyondagije is still skeptical about the audience’s feedback, saying it may be too early to tell.


As a director, Niyondagije is determined to make more quality motion picture and script, that can push his projects into international platforms.

Niyondagije took up filmmaking, in 2015 after secondary school and debuted with Hunga, an eight- minute film that did not garner much recognition.

Together with 20 colleagues, he initiated Capital Vibes, a film company, which in 2017 made Huntdown 2070.