Music Awards Rwanda launched

Sunday August 19 2018


Alex Muyoboke, MD of Music Awards Rwanda 

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The Music Awards Rwanda was launched earlier this month and seeks to recognise and reward local musicians.

The event’s first edition will kick off with nominations later this month and a grand finale held on December 1.

“Music is worth appreciating,” said Dennis Nsazamahoro, the event’s project co-ordinator.

The show was started by 10 music lovers who include former managers, actors and journalists and they seek to support and grow the local music scene.

It is currently the only event dedicated to solely awarding local artists. It is the second award show following the Salax Music Awards, which was started in 2008, but didn’t go past its seventh edition.

Groove Awards Rwanda is another annual music award show, although it is dedicated to celebrating local gospel musicians.


The Primus Guma Guma Super Star Music Competition is another award show that for years has been consistent, but fetes already established musicians.

Music Awards Rwanda seeks to bridge existing gaps and has sixteen categories including afro pop, R & B, afro-beat, gospel, best producer, among others.

It will also have a Lifetime Achievement Award, which is dedicated to legendary musicians both living or dead whose talent has inspired the local music industry. There will also be a category for best DJ.

“Music Awards Rwanda hasn’t come to replace the Salax Music Awards, but we realised there is a need to appreciate local artistic efforts,” said Nsazamahoro.

“From experience and looking at how far Rwanda has come, we are confident about our music,” said Alex Muyoboke, the event’s managing director.

The country lags behind other regional countries on award shows. In recent years, several Rwandan musicians such as Cecile Kayirebwa, The Ben, Jody Phibi, Knowless, Bruce Melodie, DJ Pius, Meddy, Charly and Nina have been nominated and won in different award shows around Africa.