Mucyo captivates with his art

Monday June 3 2019


Artist Moise Mucyo, Photo by Andrew.I Kazibwe 

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The local visual art scene is evolving gradually, despite the lack of interest by many emerging artists.

But, this is not the case with Moises Mucyo, 23, whose works are contemplative in nature. His untitled exhibition, which was showing at the Kigali Conference and Exhibition Village until May 31, is an ensemble of eye-catching paintings. Mucyo’s use of acrylics and oil paints on canvas is astonishing and show his dedication.

Mucyo’s painting styles alternate between figurative and semi abstract. Challenges and Attitude, is of images of light and dark faces, with a red background.

Through his Live Coffee, Mucyo showcases his skill in mixed media art.

He portrays Rwanda’s relationship with coffee, which was one of the first foreign crop from Germany. The piece features images of Imigongo an ancient Rwandan art form and German Lederhosen wear which are ancient knee length trousers.

The same piece has a partial image of a suit and dry coffee beans, which are glued to the canvas before being painted.

Pride and Patriot features a young child with blue, yellow and green skin colour to reflect the Rwandan flag.

The piece celebrates the youth as key pillars in the country’s rise.

Mucyo is self-taught act and started painting from home before finding a more ideal place.