Five ways to boost your confidence at the workplace

Friday August 2 2019


Confident worker in front of colleagues. PHOTO | SHUTTERSTOCK 

By Daily Nation

“My confidence is simply gone. I don’t know how to talk about myself, my accomplishments or even what I do well anymore.”

Do these words resonate with you? Plainly speaking most people can relate to such workplace confidence matters but pause and hold because all is not gone yet. The better part is that you can still bounce back.

Clara Kariuki, a HR Consultant with Adept Systems say that salary increment, adding to the salary benefits, on-job trainings brings about a feeling of satisfaction which triggers workplace confidence. “Reward and recognition of effort as well as having a psychology person in the HR leadership who talks to employees works a great deal boosting confidence among the workforce,” she explains. “Apart from these, there are things the employee can do on his/her own to build confidence in the workplace.”

Lots of people believe that self-confidence is an innate ability. However, this simply isn’t true - even the most outwardly confident people feel insecure at times. But, with practice, anyone can boost their confidence levels and command the workplace.

Create an inventory of your competences

Many of the people who have had low professional confidence blow are also folks who have not engaged in networking or building their digital profile or personal brand for years. This is to mean that you have been way out of touch, out of sight, and out of mind, basically invisible to thousands of former friends, colleagues and potential employers and collaborators. It’s time to change that. Spend a weekend perhaps this one. Write down all the jobs you have ever held from the time you were 18. Examine what you loved, hated, never want to do again, and what you would love to bring forward in a deeper way, in the next chapter of life and work.

Detail out exactly what values you have supported, and the functions, roles, achievements, and contributions you delivered. Determine the ones you are most proud of and would like to leverage going forward. Then, build your confidence profile by sharing the highest version of yourself. Start talking about yourself in a very positive way -even when your ego still feels bruised. Share with others exactly what you have to offer and convince them that you could contribute to their world in a meaningful way

Step back and remember who you are

As humans, we tend to see only what is at the tip of our noses. A toxic job, a terrible boss who is out to get us, a career that devalues us, a relationship that is demeaning. Such are the things that make you lose sight of who you are. You forget you are bright, committed, talented, gifted and deserving of being highly cherished and valued. If you have had a crushing experience like a lay-off or being fired or demeaned, pull the viewfinder back and take a look at the long arch of your life so far. Remember what things you are great at, what you have achieved, stood for and accomplished. That will help you revive your connection to the power of who you were, authentically.

Give yourself a reality check

As a writer, I have known that people feel most sad, sick and depressed when they feel powerless – when they believe they have no control over what happens to them, and think they are a hapless victim of harsh, cruel circumstances. In my own life, I have experienced that feeling too. But I choose to see things differently now. I see clearly how we all events co-contribute and shape what happens to me. You are not hapless victim – actually you are powerful co-creators, of your job, relationships, experiences, and events in your life.

All you need to do is take control of your situation and understand your role in what is happening. Examine how you withheld consideration or respect in your work relationship that turned toxic. Open your eyes to how you did not take a leadership stand when you were given the chance, and that is what led to someone else being promoted over you.

I am not saying you are to blame. I am simply saying, that you have more of a hand in what comes your way than you might suspect. Change your perspective and gain greater awareness of the fact that your future will not just be a repeat of your past, once you shift your mindset to positive thinking.

Connect with people who adore you

Almost everyone has at least a few supporters, advocates and staunch fans who sing your praises to the moon, and think the world of their talents. After a crushing blow, do not wait - get back in touch with all those people who think the sun rises and sets on you. Friends, former bosses, colleagues, professors – all the people in your life who know what you are capable of. Eventually the realisation that someone is aware of your capabilities will boost your esteem at work

Ask for endorsements

Finally, this may seem like a small thing, but it can be be a total game-changer. Reach out to colleagues you have loved and admired the most in your life and who admire you back. Ask them to write and an endorsement of things they crush and admire about you. It could be in terms of skills and competencies, professional ethics or more personal traits that contribute more to your emotional intelligence at work.

You will be amazed at what these testimonials do to your confidence and by the end of the day, you will be able to see your amazing potential.