Comedy stars debut hit solo show

Monday May 6 2019


The duo's performance s inspired through daily live with in society, PHOTO | Andrew I Kazibwe 

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Making a mark in the Rwandan entertainment scene of late are Etienne Iryamukuru, 25 and Japhet Mazimpaka, 24, better known to their fans as 5K Etienne and Japhet.

The comedic duo are behind the saying Bigomba Guhinduka, which has seen many praise and rethink local comedy as a respectable career.

5K Etienne and Japhet recently premiered a concert titled Bigomba Guhinduka.

The event which took place on April 27, at the Camp Kigali grounds was the duo’s first solo performance, which signals their growth.

The comedic duo teamed up in December last year and are part of Day maker’s Edutainment.

They recorded a video following Amavubi’s defeat, which attracted widespread attention.

They then moved to mimicking pastors, choirs and gospel musicians, which was well received across social media and television. 

“We weren’t bothered by the quality of the videos back then because our focus was on the content,” said Mazimpaka, adding, “Like most aspiring talents it was harder for us to get stages to perform, since we hadn’t made a name for ourselves yet.” 

They then released another short video about Mukorogo (skin bleaching), which was also well received.

Iryamukuru said they plan to create a YouTube channel to upload longer skits.

The duo create content in Ikinyarwanda. Day makers Edutainment, their management firm is headed by Emmanuel Mugisha better known as Clapton Kibonke, said they plan to equip the duo with more professional tools.

Mazimpaka is a Mass Media and Communication student in his third year at Mount Kenya University Rwanda, while Iryamukuru is doing an Electricity course.

“We are not venturing into comedy because we failed at anything, but because we are passionate about it, and would like to take it to another level,” said Mazimpaka.

The duo wants to create content that amuses and educates its audience members without offending them.