Try tiny little actions every day; They carry the secret to success

Monday June 07 2021
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Last year closed in a rather uncertain way for many. A lot of us arrived at some surprising, unexpected, shocking and never-before considered realisations of the essence of their lives: what and who matters the most and even why this is so. Based on those realisations, we made some cardinal decisions, goals to work towards...

Well, I hope we did. The new year rolled in with hope for a return to what most of us would refer to as “normal” given the roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccine but we all know that “normal” has changed.

It means that we have to change, shift or leave many of the ways in which we perceive, think, process, and take on life.

Well, I don’t know what you need to do exactly but I’ll tell you how you should do it. You should do it every day. A little bit of it. Chip away at it every single day, no matter what you decided that you were going to achieve this year.

No one is coming to wave some wand to magically produce a secret or trick to get you there faster, easier, and in as painless a way as possible - a trick or secret.

From wearing your mask, distancing as much as possible, keeping food on the table for your family, waking up earlier to do what you need to provide for them, hanging on to your business, job, getting out of debt, losing weight, and everything in-between.


We all want to go from good to better to great no matter what limitations the difficulty of the time and if anyone could promise us that, we would give anything. Well, almost.

While I agree that there may be several quick fixes presented to you every day, I suggest that those blow away as quickly as our new year resolutions leave an avalanche of incomplete projects and unrealized goals in their wake.

This is the reason why most "secrets to success" books, movies, programmes, and seminars do not deliver on their promise.

The secret is that there is no secret. What you have is the power of doing tiny little things today. And doing them again tomorrow. After a week, increasing your speed a bit.

Keep doing that as well as another tiny action and repeat this process adding on tiny little actions every few weeks until you have several of them in the various advancement areas until you gain the momentum required to achieve the success that you desire. There is no quick fix.

Stick with it. Keep at those tiny little seemingly insignificant actions. And then one day surprisingly not too far from now, when you achieve your goals, people start to ask what your "secret" is.

Unfortunately, most people who ask the question aren't interested in your truth. Thanks to their conditioning. The conditioning that makes doing tiny little actions every day for the long haul a monumental feat.

The conditioning that makes it almost an impossibility to develop the habits that bring about the changes and improvements we truly want. Want? Yes, "want".

Herein lies the real issue. Most of us don't know what we want. If and when we do, we cannot articulate in the way that compels our wants to come to us because we have it hard-wired in us that it is selfish and even arrogant to want anything.

I want you to reverse the conditioning that keeps you out of touch with what you really want. Then developing the little actions that bring it to you will cease to be a challenge. Tiny little actions taken every single day really do work. The unlimited power of habit is as immense as we make it.

What do you really want? Are you doing what is required to achieve it every day?