New kid on the music stage

Wednesday March 31 2021



If there was any doubt about the talent of Samuel Kamanzi, his latest extended play (EP), Dunia, promises to dispel such and affirm his standing as an artiste with exceptional stagecraft .

Kamanzi, 39, is not so much into mainstream events, but has gradually built his craft and unique audience on in addition to his vast expertise in music education.

Dunia, which is already trending online, is not only his first official compilation but also a major step towards cementing his place in the industry, marking him one of the latest musician on stage.

The five-song compilation is a three-year body of work, with a rich acoustic blend of languages; Kinyarwanda, Kiswahili, English, and French in the craft.

The album cosnsists of several songs Nyirabisabo, Rafi ki, Mbese Muraho, Melodies in her Heart and Dunia.

This EP, which was partly recorded in Belgium and France, brought together the expertise of Stefan Bertier, a guitarist, Luiz Nascimento, a Brazilian Percussionist, Libere, a bass player from Congo, and Vincent De Bast, an internationally acknowledged Belgian Sound Engineer.


Nyirabisabo, a fully Ikinyarwanda sail presents a traditional feel, a feel of the Inanga and contemporary strums.

This song is inspired and dedicated to Joseph Sebatunzi, a renowned legendary Inanga player. Rafiki, hich is originally composed in 1983 by Jideo Kimanga, a legendary Congolese singer, is also his father is a smooth Kiswahili Afro R&B sail.

Kamanzi traces his roots, and inspiration for his journey through from his father. Mbese Muraho is a chill sail of Kiswahili and Ikinyarwanda composition through which the artist salutes his home, as Muraho means Hello in Ikinyarwanda, but mainly inspired through a 1994 genocide survivor who is calling out in connection to his lost families.

Melodies within her Heart, a song acknowledging the strength and courage of a woman while Dunia, of an Afro-Soul, feel in mainly Swahili and French features Gaye Faye, a France-based Rwandan Rapper is a great entwine too.

To Kamanzi, away from the typically consumed fast-paced genres, this EP is to bridge him with listeners, “I wanted to create an intimacy with the audience, which led me to this,” he states.

Kamanzi brings with him expertise in not only rich vocals but the guitar too, which he has through years mastered.

Onto stage, with guitar in hand, he flawlessly puts up a unique performance. For several years, since 2008, though not into the mainstream events space, Kamanzi has been onto stages and left a mark with every stage appearance.