Engineering was my dream job, I enjoy every bit of it

Friday September 25 2020

Sandrine Audrey Muhimpundu on duty at a construction site. Picture | Courtesy


Sandrine Audrey Muhimpundu, 27, is a construction manager at Star Construction and Consultancy Ltd that specialises in waste water management and construction.

“It has always been my dream to undertake this career,” said Ms Muhimpundu.

Ever since my teenage age, I aimed at doing something that I would leave my footprints on, one that would bring change to my community, and also a career that favoured my interest in Mathematics," she added.

“My passion grew when I reached advanced level at IPRC where I used to question a lot about the construction of buildings, how one gets to build a particular building, the evolution of the construction industry and many more,” said Ms Muhimpundu.

"The daring spirit and passion drove me to this kind of career, said Ms Muhimpundu.

Engineering requires flexibility since one has to go to field works which teach a lot,” said Muhimpundu.


I start my day by 5:30 am to eleven in the evening which is a bit late, but it’s always worth it, Muhimpundu added. “I am motivated by positive impacts I bring to the society,” said Ms Muhimpundu.

As engineers, everything keeps changing as time moves on. Nothing is ever constant in this engineering career.

She added. “Working in a sector that doesn’t discriminate you because of your gender is also an amazing feeling that gives me the courage to keep learning and improving my skills,” said Ms Muhimpundu.

Women and girls should come out of their comfort zones and show the world and people out there what they can offer and do without having to be told what to do, she added.

“Having a six- year experience in this career, every project is challenging in its own way,” said Ms Muhimpundu.

"Some challenges are technical where one has to deliver procedures, but the hardest is when technical matters have to be questioned and one needs to get the best practices possible solutions," she added.

Ms Muhimpundu said Marie Curie, a French physicist and chemist, who discovered Radium and Polonium is her role model. And If she could achieve all that in the 19th century, why wouldn’t I do the same too, she added.

“Satisfying a client demands makes me happy, said Ms Muhimpundu. Seeing them happy and enjoying my endeavours is an encouragement that am doing a great job, she added.

“The main problem we face as engineers is that there some clients who don’t understand the complexity of what we do, how much we invest which has to change,” she said.

Many say engineers cheat and are never honest which isn’t the case. if everyone could first put themselves in our shoes, and see challenges we face every day, they could at least give value to the work we do.” said Ms Muhimpundu.