Deft touches threading a suble shift from canvas art to weaves

Tuesday June 30 2020


Moses Izabiriza displays one of his inspired installations. Picture | Andrew. I Kazibwe  

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With life having cornered various people due to the advent of Covid-19, Moses Izabiriza has emerged with unique art, which not only capture the eye but blow the great sail of life and how it is could be interpreted by the world.

With all activity still in the downlow, and once vibrant public spaces like art galleries remain physically shut to the public, Kuuru Art Space is a safe hub for Izabiriza's new craft.

The untitled collection is beautiful from afar and even more intriguing upon closer observation of the how and what it is made of.

Moving away from mainstream visual art forms, typically acrylics on canvas, Mr Izabiriza's latest installation art is made out of weaved plastic tape.

These are matched uniformly by mixing the desired colour, bound by hand sewing using thread. Thereafter, he emerges with a large mat-like structure, which he hangs up or spreads on the floor.

The creation, which is a work-in-progress is inspired by life's experiences, which are immense. The addition of numbers represents aspects of life, saying;


"The world is about numbers with which society measures, recognises or di  erentiates various aspects of age, wealth, class and population, which is what defines individuals, and ultimately, all of society." 28-year-old Izabiriza explained.

The coronavirus's arrival resonates well with this work as lockdowns, quarantine, infections, treatments or death cases are all made up of a numbers matrix.

One of the pieces is an abstract of human faces, in collage form, sewn as patches onto the general pieces. This is something he hopes to incorporate into more of his pieces.

With three pieces  ccomplished so far, the artist is working on others expressing cultural integration.

Mr Izabiriza was invited for the Ededi international writers residency late last year, where he shared his artistic experience with participants.

He also held an exhibition at Alliance France in Ibadan, Nigeria.

Izabiriza transforms each new piece and breathes in inspiration for each subsequent creation, he hopes to hold an exhibition when things return to normal.

"There are still some more touches before this collection is complete and will inspire an even more robust collection."