Ingabire shines in first solo show

Monday August 5 2019


Freedom by Greta Ingabire. PHOTO | ANDREW I KAZIBWE 

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Greta ingabire’s exhibition, which kicked off on July 6, is a fusion of her poetry, and visual artistry.

Dubbed Spoken Art, the exhibition currently on show at the Kigali Innovation Village exhibition area in Kacyiru, is a unique event.

Ingabire has ventured into unfamiliar territory of fusing different mediums.

She is better known for her poetry stages especially through Spoken Word Rwanda and Kigali Vibrates With Poetry events, but she is also well skilled in visual artistry.

Previously, she only presented a few semiabstract acrylic artworks on canvas, but her current pieces are a fusion of her poetry and visual art.

Ingabire tackles issues like freedom, expression, love and stereotypes.

The image of a woman is dominant in her pieces. For instance, in Understanding, the artist depicts a portrait of a young lady, with a bright, relaxed, but focused look.

Betrayal, depicts a couple, with the man kissing the woman on her forehead to depict betrayal.

In Freedom, she explores an outburst, with a semiabstract figure of a man shouting.

Ingabire explores emotions in Burnt Eyes, where she depicts a moody, angry woman, while she portrays life’s genesis through The World, which is a painting of a heavily expectant woman.