Dream Boys in plagiarism war

Tuesday September 11 2018

Dream Boys

Dream Boys on stage. PHOTO | Andrew I. Kazibwe 

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Dream Boys — popular Afro beat and Pop duo — is embroiled in a plagiarism war with Tanzanian Beka Flavour.

The song — Romeo and Juliet — produced by Monster Records and features rapper Ridderman is at the centre of plagiarism.

Local broadcast media homedia have also been put on the spot for copyright violation after it emerged that they play pirated music.

“Did you guys really think that we wouldn't realise that you had stolen Beka Flavour's style, beats and the tune?, This is so not right. You should be authentic,” stated Adolf Musolini, YouTube.

Listening to Romeo and Juliet, though in Kinyarwanda language, the song draws one’s attention for its vivid similarity to Beka Flavour’s Sikinai, a song released in August last year. There is a closer resemblance first in the beats, the rhythm and the hook itself.

The group, however, denied plagiarism allegations, saying the song and beats are different from Beka Flavour’s.

Tanzanian Artist, however, said the two parties are in talks over the issue.

Platini Nemeye alias Platini, one of the group’s members, said the song was inspired bySikinai, where melodies were retrieved.

“We got some catchy melodies, which inspired us, and we further made our own song,” he added.

In an interview with Rwanda Today, Beka Flavour said the matter was not a big issue, but stressed it was wrong since permission was not sought.

“It sets a bad example and trend for Dream Boys and Riderman, both termed as established musicians to follow this unprofessional trend,” said Aboubakar Mukara alias DJ Adams, a radio presenter.

“We were hoping that they can finance authentic projects, since they can,” he added.

“You can’t claim to be a big artist, when authenticity in creation of songs is a problem,” said Jean Paul Gatsinda alias Producer JP.

Hailing from Kina Music, a management label, Dream Boys is made up of Claude Mujyanama alias TMC and Platini Nemeye (Platini), who are the 2017 Guma Guma Super Star Music competition Award winners.

The group has since 2008, risen to fame through music projects like Magorwa, Urare Aharyana and  Bucece among other songs, which have earned it recognition and nominations through events like the Salax Music Awards and Pearl of Africa Music Awards.

However, some artists have blamed plagiarism on producers and management labels, whom they said ought to be panelised.

The Tanzanian artist, who is a former member of Yamoto Band further revealed that the discussions have been successful and no legal action would be taken.

“I don’t think I will go for a legal process, since this would both a waste time, and further block me from connecting to the Rwandan market,” he remarked.

In 2013, a similar case was reported, where a group of artists led by DJ Zizou Al Pacino, Diana Teta, Urban Boys, Jay Polly and Uncle Austin recorded Fata Fata, a song originally produced by Zambian musicians Jane Osborne and P’Jay.

Other songs include Tom Close’s Ubuziraherezo, which is derived from Taio Cruz’s What You Need, while Deep in Love, a song released last year by Afro R & B and Pop musicians Knowless Butera and Bruce Melodie.