A peek into Kigali’s Dark Room

Sunday October 7 2018


An admirer in the Dark Room. PHOTO | ANDREW I. KAZIBWE 

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Fusion is attracting interests of may artists as it provides opportunities to tap into. However, in recent years, events which include joint Art and Photography exhibitions have been trending.

Jacques Nkinzingabo’s recent innovation of the Dark Room is expected to engage the society into real life experience.

At the first thought of its all, one would think that it is the traditional Photography Dark Room, and why this Artist is taking a back step into the history of photography, but it is totally the opposite when experienced.

Located at Kacyiru, a Kigali suburb, the Dark Room is with in the recently established Kigali Photograph Centre, a venue majorly dedicated to exhibitions, workshops and artists residences.

The launch on September 29 attracted many. But it was evident how most, if not all, had turned up with great curiosity.

A mixture of Caribbean to Afro Pop and electronic music welcomes visitors to the centre, yet blue neon lighting guides revealers into the Dark Room. Painted with black, the room’s floor is lit with neon lights at the sides, which further exposes the craft in the walls.

This month’s theme revolved around art and music, as this was well reflected through the drawings on the side walls, and onto the ceiling. But this exercise is not limited to artists. It is open to anybody, who can draw or write a message that can inspire the audience.

The Dark Room presents semi-abstract figures of creatures, which are reflective of the day’s theme. Using white chalk, the figures depict various music symbols, figurative human shapes and messages about music.