How can one stay motivated during this prolonged crisis?

Friday May 15 2020


Acknowledge what is positive around you and be a source of encouragement to someone. PHOTO | FILE | NATION MEDIA GROUP 

By Daily Nation

Q: In a recent virtual group discussion, one of my team-mates said that we are focusing too much on the negative effects of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and losing sight of the benefits we could get from it. However, there is only so much one can see as positive at this time of suffering and uncertainty. How can I remain upbeat to avoid losing hope?

This is a difficult time for everyone. Covid-19 has disrupted lives and sadly, taken others.

Among other challenges people are facing, there is anxiety concerning the disruption of social routines, sustainability of livelihoods and uncertainty about the future.

Many businesses are gasping for air and it is easy for leaders and colleagues alike to languish in despair.

If you look keenly, however, you might find the silver lining in the crisis. More leaders are discovering that results can be achieved with less face time, that physical proximity might be overrated, and that trust transcends distance.

There has also been an outpouring of compassion and evidence of communal efforts geared towards helping those in distress.


We are increasingly seeing that empathy is a language that connects everyone regardless of culture.

Some have found this time of crisis suitable for a reflective pause from the frantic pace of work to consider what truly matters in their lives and the adjustments they could make in their post-pandemic lives.

What lessons are you learning from your current experience? It might be useful to clear clutter from your shelves.


Think about the benefits you could enjoy if you took some time out to prune your personal routines and relationships.

It might surprise you how much debris this exercise might spew. What can you live without? Do we sometimes carry self-imposed burdens?

What are you noticing about yourself during this crisis? What are others noticing about you?

Are you spending time online consuming depressing material? Have you mortgaged your attention to negative acquaintances?

Recognise that you cannot be better than the state of your mind and be selective about what you allow to lodge within you.

It has been said that every storm eventually runs out of rain. Covid-19 will not outlast its term either. Look out for the rainbow.

In the meantime, acknowledge what is positive around you and be a source of encouragement to someone. If you trade in hope, some of it is bound to rub off on you.

There could still be elements in life you can laugh about, moments you could cherish and blessings you have not yet numbered.